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Today in History: Datu Esmail Kiram crowned as Sultan

Rivalry is obvious in this article. On December 20, 1950, Datu Esmail Kiram was crowned Sulu Sultan.

Today December 11, in 1951

Secretary of Foreign Affairs Carlos P. Romulo hands the Quintero report and memorandum for President Quirino stating the recommendation of the Department of Foreign Affairs regarding the North Borneo case: (1) Increased payment; (2)Claim of sovereignty.[144]

DFA recommendations: Increased payment: “prospects are very encouraging” to revise payments;Claim of sovereignty: “prospects are not so bright” based on British government response and that Philippines had never declared itself a successor-in-interest to the Sultanate of Sulu, therefore, claim must be pursued through heirs of the Sultan. Source: North Borneo Annotated Timeline from 1640 to Present -, Eduardo. Memorandum for Mr. Holigores. November 3, 1952. 1920-1969 DFA Papers Collection. Print