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List of Sulu Sultan accroding to Dr Najeeb Saleeby and Cesar Adib Majul

There is no doubt that Sayyid Abu Bakr (regnal name Sultan Sharif ul-Hashim) established the Sulu sultanate and became its first sultan. As there is also no doubt that political sovereignty of the sultanate ended with Sultan Jamalul Kiram II. What is not clear, as there are claims and counter-claims among dynastic families over centuries, is as to how many sultans were there between the two of them.

Among the dominant dynastic quarrels are those between the Patikul and Maimbung royals. The list below have thirty-two (32) sultans. However, given the dynastic quarrels, there can be more "competing sultans and reigns".

The list below is one provided by Cesar Adib Majul in his paper "An Analysis of the "Genealogy of Sulu"" (Majul Cesar Adib. An Analysis of the "Genealogy of Sulu". In: Archipel, volume 22, 1981. pp. 167-182; doi : 10.3406/arch.1981.1677 This paper was prepared for a "F…