Sulu and Champa Empire

Philippine history Teodoro Agoncillo claims that Buranuns, the natives of Sulu, have had historical experience with the Orang Dampuan or the "People of Champa"[1]

In another book, it is claimed that the Orang Dampuans were vassals of the Sri Vijaya Empire who established trading colony with the Buranuns of Sulu, eventually settled in Taguima (now Basilan) and become the Yakan ancestors. [2]
"Later, after the island had come under the dominion of Sri-Vishaya, Champa ships came again to Sulu. That they continued to trade there is substantiated by the claim in an early Sulu manuscript that in the century before the arrival of the Spaniards from four hundred to five hundred junks arrived annually from Cambodia, Champa and China, with which Sulu principally traded. At that time the island is said to have been very densely populated and to have been one of the great trade centers of the Archipelago." [3]



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